Crypto News: Sam Altman’s Worldcoin debut in Germany includes Okta for Enhanced Identity Management

Crypto News: Sam Altman’s Worldcoin debut in Germany includes Okta for Enhanced Identity Management, Worldcoin, the intelligent verification application, was recently integrated into the Okta network. At the same time, its identity protocol, World ID, went live in Germany.

A vision to connect every device

The company shared some positive news on Thursday about the progress of the project. As announced via Coindesk, the World ID application can be published in Germany. Both the software and the hardware, which goes by the name of Orbs, are now available throughout Germany.

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World ID allows users to get verified within seconds. The application distinguishes between humans and bots based on biometric specifications. Its developers describe it as a more private alternative to other login processes.

Chief Technology Officer, Hector Aguilar explained in a blog post that the software could appeal to billions of users in the future:

“Our vision is to connect every user, every application, every organization and every device. From the beginning, we made decisions for Okta’s platform architecture to support this broad vision. We believe we’re only at the beginning of our journey to 50 billion users, but along the way we’ve always designed Okta to be used more than necessary.”

So the developers at Okta have big plans for the project and assume that the program will appeal to numerous users in the future. They also describe that the application can always accommodate more users.

Okta: These are the plans of the Worldcoin developers

World ID uses a unique protocol based on Zero-Knowledger. The crypto startup was founded by the well-known company Sam Altman. He is also the CEO of OpenAI, a renowned AI company that has been attracting a lot of attention in recent months.

The ecosystem aims to provide users with numerous applications. World ID is designed to verify that the person signing in is a human and not a bot. According to the developer of the “World ID, the Worldcoin is the first token (WLD) to be distributed globally and freely to the people, both for utility and for future governance, just to be a unique individual. ”

Payments, purchases, and transfers worldwide should also be made via a corresponding app. This should include both digital assets and traditional currencies.

In the future, users should be able to access fast and scalable applications for transactions, as Hexotr Aguilar, CTO of Okta, describes in the blog post:

“The Okta Identity Cloud is built on the most reliable, secure, and scalable platform in the industry. We knew from day one that we had to be more reliable than anything we were connected to and today we are proud to have a proven track record.”

Orbs: Iris scanning via hardware

The developers describe their concept as the largest “identity and financing program in the world.” For a few days now, German users have also been able to register for the application. So far, 1.9 million users in 30 countries have already done so.

During the registration process, users must have their iris scanned via hardware. The round devices, which are reminiscent of the size of a soccer ball, are called Orbs and use the scan to determine whether the person is a real person.

The devices are currently on a world tour. So if you want to register, you first have to find out where one of the necessary devices is currently located. The program uses artificial intelligence to scan the iris. This creates cryptographic IDs that process the data in real-time.


No data or images of the persons are stored during and after the scan. Nevertheless, users can decide whether their data should be stored for a certain period. These are then encrypted. They could be used in the future to improve processes, such as the accuracy of image capture. World ID states that privacy is a top priority.

From the point of view of its data protection guarantee, the company assumes that its program offers a great advantage over Google and Co. The now-concluded cooperation with Okta allows thousands of users to test their applications. Little work was done for the developers.

Projects that include AI tokens should attach great importance to complying with the necessary data protection regulations. Because artificial intelligence is currently not only receiving positive news. The criticism of the new technology is also great. The founding team states that the token should be released later this year.

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After the crypto market became very popular again this year, prices have risen again in recent months. New cryptocurrencies can also benefit from the Coin List 2023. One of them is the Wall Street Meme Coin.

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Compared to Worldcoin, the WSM token has no use case whatsoever. Still, the developers promise huge profits to investors. They assume that demand will increase significantly in the coming months after the coin launch. The cryptocurrency is based on hype from 2021. Buyers do not receive any added value by buying such a token. They cannot be used in an ecosystem or applied in a game. Nevertheless, the project has a lot of potential. Because in the past few weeks, there has been a meme hype that has attracted a lot of attention to this type of coin. If you believe in the success of such projects, you can buy Wall Street Memes now.

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