Applications of Artificial Intelligence in daily life

Artificial Intelligence: These days, the world is full of the applications of modern technology. There are many applications of technology that we are using in our life. If we are asked to live a single day without the facilities provided by technology, our life would become unbearable. In addition to this, there may be many applications of technology in our life. But the most important one is artificial intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is machine-displayed computer technology in which the tasks that were performed by humans are performed by computers. The algorithms of these computers are set in such a way that they can learn more about a specific problem after solving it once.

There are many applications of artificial intelligence but some of them are discussed below. Some are also the best ai apps for android.

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Artificial Intelligence in Navigation

Navigation is one of the most latest artificial intelligence applications till now. Navigation is widely used by almost everyone. It has made many lives of people much easier. It is because it makes it easy for different people to find their routes to reach their destinations. Navigation has explained every single lane and road in a very well and accurate manner.

Almost every person is facilitated with this application. But mostly passengers, who are new to a specific area are highly benefitted from it.

How artificial intelligence is used in gaming

Artificial intelligence is also used in the field of gaming. The most prominent example of this is the NPCs that are human-like and interact with the players. It can also be used to predict human behavior. This help in the improvement of game design and testing. The alien shooter released in 2014 used two AI applications.

  1. Direct AI
  2. Alien AI

Direct AI knew your location frequently. Alien AI is driven by sensors and they constantly hunt the players.

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Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Robotics is one of the interesting ai applications. Robots powered by artificial intelligence make plans for their journey on their own. In addition to this, they can sense obstacles in its path. Other than this, robots are commonly used for:

  • Management of the inventory.
  • They clean offices and other places they’re programmed for.
  • Robots can carry goods around in hospitals, factories, hotels, and other factors.

AI in Human Resources

Another ai application in real life is its use in human resources. It is widely used in blind hiring by using machine learning software. You can examine the applications based on the specific parameters with machine learning software. These applications can choose jobs for the candidates, and scan the profile and resumes of the candidates. This is helpful for the recruiters to understand which candidate they should choose or not. Many companies are using this facility.

Healthcare and AI

Artificial intelligence has very useful applications in healthcare. These applications are used to build such useful machines that help in the identification of cancer cells and other diseases. In addition to this, AI has ensured the early diagnosis of diseases, and with the help of medical intelligence and history, it helps in developing new drugs.

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