Applications of technology in education: Technology and education

Technology and education: There are many important things in our life. The most important aspect of life is technology. Technology has various applications in our life. In addition to this, technology has covered almost all fields of our life. There are many facilities provided by technology. If we are asked to live a single day without the amenities provided by science, our life would become unbearable. In addition to this, there may be many things that are provided by science, but the most important thing is the applications of technology in education.

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There are many benefits of technology in education. Students have increased their learning with the help of technology. It is because technology has given many facilities to students in the field of education. Because of these benefits, students are learning more and more. The reason for this is that students have found a facility of understanding things that they cannot ask in front of others with the help of these facilities.


For example, a student has forgotten about the simple algebraic formula (a + b)^2 = a^2 + b^2 + 2ab. If he asks this formula in front of everyone knowing that he should’ve known this basic formula, this could be humiliating for him. Instead, he can use the internet to find the solution of that formula. This will save him from so called humiliation as well as his knowledge will also increase.

Collaboration and communication (technology and education)

The most important thing in the field of education to which technology has contributed is the collaboration and communication of the students. Students and teachers have increased their communication and collaboration. Teachers can announce some important assignment to prepare with the help of telephones. They can call the students on their telephones and tell them about the next week’s or next class’s assignment in case if they forgot to tell about it in the class.

In addition to this, students can also ask questions that they could not understand in the class. Also, they can ask questions which they couldn’t ask during the class due to the shortage of time in the class. Other than this, students can also upload their homework online. Teachers can check their homework from their laptops. These kinds of benefits play an important role in the improvement of our education system.

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Personalized Learning

Compared to all the facilities that technology provides us, the most important one is the personalized learning. Personalized learning is also known as self-study. Technology provides many opportunities for the students to learn personally. It is because the resources of education are available all the time for the students due to technology. In addition to this, students can learn about anything they want with the help of the internet.

Curiosity of the students is increased (technology and education)

Technology plays an important role in increasing the curiosity of the students. The reason for this is that the internet has variety of contents related to their educational stuff. This intrigues the students to learn more. Students watch a video or read a content of that is related to their study material. The academic tutorials are well-explained throughout the internet. So, students learn more easily from the internet. In addition to this, it increases the will of students to learn.

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Learning is efficient due to technology

Technology has increased the efficiency of learning. The learning of the students have become more efficient due to technology. It is because technology has provided a variety of content related to the academic field. This has improved the learning of the students as well as teachers. In addition to this, technology has made the system of education more efficient for the students and for the teachers. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that technology has contributed much in the field of education.

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