Top video games in the old times: Trending video games

Trending video games: There are many ways of entertainment in our life. One of the most common and popular ways is the playing of video games. There are many video games that we played in our life. In addition to this, many video games were popular in the old times. Most of the games are still played widely nowadays. In addition to this, these games have earned so much popularity that they have now become the most playable game. Video games are a source of entertainment with a different type of vibe. They make the life much more enjoyable through the different challenges they provide us.

You may also like to know about the top entertainment sources of the present time. There were many sources of entertainment in the old time. But modern time has provided many sources of entertainment other than just only video games. Social media is an important example. People use social media for the sole purpose of entertainment.

Now there are many video games that had been played so far. Some of them have become the trending video games of the time. They are still being played in some form. There may be many video games but worldsanalytics is going to talk about the trending video games only. So, the following are the few video games that were trending in their time.

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Trending video games)

The game was developed by Capcom developers. This game is now considered a minigame. This fighting action game was very hit at its time. People used to play it most of the time for their entertainment. It has four characters, each having a different origin connected to one another. One of the most popular characters in the game was Mustapha Cairo. He was loved by all the players.

In fact, most of the players play this game just to use the abilities of this character. This game earned a lot of names in a short amount of time. There are many other factors that make it more attractive. The graphics and gameplay were very efficient by the time. Now, the graphics may be considered low but they were perfect at that time.

Darkstalker series

Talking about the video games, the Darkstalkers series was the most played in its time after Cadillacs and dinosaurs. In addition to this, the Darkstalkers series has different collections of characters. Actually, it was the story of ghosts, vampires, vampire hunters, and so on. People used to play with two characters commonly in this time. It was Felicia and Gallon (also known as John Tarble). Their actions were pretty awesome. That’s why people used to play with these two characters commonly.

You may also like to know about the youtube trends nowadays. Youtube has many things on the trends nowadays. Gaming is the most popular trend on youtube. People stream their gameplay and share that with youtube.

Tekken Series (Trending video games)

Unlike the Darkstalker series, the Tekken series has earned a valuable name compared to others. It was the most played game in the old time. It gained so much name and popularity that it is still being played as Tekken seven. In addition to this, due to the craziness of fans towards this game series, the developers have also released Tekken eight. Tekken eight is skyrocketing on YouTube.

The Tekken series has a most popular character known as Jin Kazama. People mostly used to play with that character. In addition to this, Jin Kazama was also the main hero of the Tekken movie released in 2010. Other than this, there are many things that are important to this character. The main thing is the action sequence and fighting style of the character. Jin Kazama has a great fighting style and lightning strength.

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