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Trending on Youtube: Trending is a very common word that is used nowadays. It is used to represent something popular at that time. In addition to this, something that is popular among the viewers or people normally is known as trending. As we all know youtube is trending worldwide now.

Trending on youtube shows users to see what is happening around the world. In addition to this, youtube trending shows the viewers popular videos of the time. Youtube pics videos for trending that users might find interesting. In addition to this, some trending videos can be predicted and some cannot. For example, the release of a new song is predictable but a normal video that becomes viral soon is unpredictable.

Trending topics on youtube aren’t the same all the time. They are kept updated after every 15 minutes. It doesn’t take a single minute above this time. This may change the sequence of the trending topics on youtube but sometimes it doesn’t meddle with the sequence.

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In addition to this, trending videos on youtube aren’t from the same region all the time. That is the reason that most of the videos have titles in different languages other than just English. The language depends upon the region of the creator of that video.

How can we know that our video is trending on youtube

According to google trends, youtube aims for videos that have some attributes as discussed below:

  • The videos are appealing to a wide range of viewers.
  • Their goal is not to mislead or misguide people to the wrong side.
  • Informs the people about what is happening around the world on youtube.
  • The videos are surprising and display the diversity of the creators of that video.

Factors for trending videos

Youtube selects the trending videos by keeping all these conditions under consideration. It picks up different factors from the video which brings it to trending. Some of these include:

  • Several views.
  • The temperature of the video, i.e, the rate of a video generating its views.
  • The location or the region of the coming views.
  • The age of the uploaded video.
  • The performance of the video compared to other videos on the same channel.

To take our video to trend, we need to focus on all of these factors carefully. Their combination can help us bring our video to trend. In addition to this, we must not leave the topic of our video while combining these factors.

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Other than this, the above factors show that the video with more views can be positioned below a video with fewer views in the trending section.

If you want to make your video trending on youtube, you must make sure that your video must not contain inappropriate content such as violence, torture, and other such factors that can flop your video on youtube. You must be careful in your uploadings, but if still, you have to upload such content to create awareness, then it’s better to use filters that can hide these factors in the video.

Another important thing here about trending videos is that you cannot pay youtube to place your video on trending. In addition to this, youtube doesn’t support specific creators or something. It only brings the video on trending which follows all the factors discussed above.

Privacy setting for Trending on youtube

Another important factor is the privacy setting of the youtube video. The privacy setting for a trending youtube video is public. If your video follows all the above-mentioned facts but its privacy is not set to public, then there’s no chance that your video will be displayed in the trending section.

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