What is robotics? Explain the full scenarios in which robots are built

What is robotics:  Robotics is the interdisciplinary sector of science, engineering, and technology. It produces a machine called a robot that substitutes human tasks. A common term heard in the field of robotics is robot. We use robots in different fields of our daily life. They are used in doing many tasks that can be done by humans as well. Actually, they are designed to make human life easier.

In addition to this, you may also like to know about the applications of artificial intelligence in daily life. Artificial intelligence is part of robotics. The knowledge of artificial intelligence is used widely in the field of robotics. But worldsanalytics will discuss its use in robotics today. In addition to this, artificial intelligence is used to program the robots to do what you want them to do.

Robot (What is robotics)

Basically, a robot is the product of robotics. A robot is a programmable machine that can assist humans in various tasks. In addition to this, it can also mimic human actions and activities.

Why robots were built?

Robots were built to deal with monotonous tasks such as building cars and so on. But with the passage of time, robots were improved so much that they are capable of doing many tasks such as fighting fires, cleaning homes, etc. In addition to this, robots have incredibly intricate surgeries as well.

Robotics evolvement with time (What is robotics)

As we all know, technology has progressed with time. The same is the case with robotics. The field of robotics has evolved much compared to the old times. In 2005, 90% of the robots were found in repairing cars and building them in the assembly. These robots consisted of one arm. Their task was to tighten or loosen the screws of the cars. In addition to this, their job was to weld certain parts of the car.

But nowadays, the field of robotics has evolved very much. Now robotics consists of robots that are used in various fields of life. Robotics has developed and created such robots that can be used to explore even the harsher conditions of the earth. Also, robots are being used in law enforcement. In addition to this, robots are being used in medical assistance.

Characteristics of robot

Even when the world of robotics is expanding, there are still some consistent characteristics of robots. These are as follows:

  1. All robots consist of some sort of mechanical construction. It is important for us to know that robots are not totally programmed. They consist of some mechanical applications as well. It is because the mechanical aspect of the robots helps them to complete tasks in the environment for which it is designed.
  2. Robots need electrical components that are used to control and power them. The electric components are used to power the machinery in the form of current. For example, a battery is used to empower the robots.
  3. Robots contain at least some level of computer programming. It is because, without the set of code that tells it what to do, it is just a simple piece of machinery. Inserting a program in the robot will give him the ability to find out when to do a task and how to do task.

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Uses of Robots

Robots are used in many fields of daily life to make human life easy. They are used in the field of laboratory, mechanics, weaponry, house cleaning, and surgical operations.

Explain full scenarios in which robots are built (What is robotics)

The most important thing to clear out here is that robots are not only humanoid. In addition to this, many people keep thinking that the machinery looking like humans are robots. But that’s not quite true, worldsanalytics will tell you the exact meaning of robot here. So the first thing to clear is robots are of different types. The robots that are manufacturing cars in the assembly are different. The robots that are used in smartphone companies in the designing of smartphones are different. Similarly, there are humanoid types of robots as well. But that doesn’t mean that there are no robots other than humanoids.

How would we differentiate robots from machines?

As we all know that all robots are actually machines. But on the other hand, all machines are not robots. Then how can we differentiate between robots and machines? It is possible due to some qualities and senses that robots have. Robots can do many things on their own but machines cannot do so.

Requirements for building robots

There are a few requirements that worldsanalytics will show you. These are necessary for building a robot:

  • It must have the power of decision-making.
  • Programming and artificial intelligence
  • Mechanics
  • Physics
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical pieces

How do the robots take a decision?

The robots take a decision with the help of intelligent software that is designed with the combined efforts of many information technology (IT) experts and software engineers. This software is written in a programming language. It helps the robots to understand the instructions given to them and act upon them accordingly. In addition to this, the software of robots can also be known as artificial intelligence software. It may not be actually artificial intelligence because it is a wide field. Yet it is a part of it.

Body of the robot software (mechanics)

The designed software needs to be implemented on something. That thing is known as the body of the software. For example, a computer is the body of many application software. It is because they can be performed on that source. The same is the case with robots, Robots need a body to implement their instructions. This source is known as the body of the program. It is built with the help of knowledge in the mechanical field.

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The brain of the software

Another important thing about robots is their brain of robots. As human beings use the brain to solve many problems. Similarly, robots use the processor in order to execute their instructions. It takes input, uses the processor to perform tasks on the input, and produces output for the user through its performance.

senses of robots

One of the most important things to know is the use of sensors in robots. Such as humans use different senses in order to see, touch, or feel something. Similarly, robots use different sensors such as cameras, speakers, microphones, and many other sensors for this purpose.

Movement of robots (Physics and mechanics)

Another important aspect of the robots is their physical movements. Human beings use their bones in order to perform any movement. In addition to this, bones are supported by muscles. Similarly, robots also need some mechanical parts and physics to move. The main components that a robot needs for its movement are:

  • Motors
  • Pistons
  • Gears
  • Wheels

Power Source of robots

The robots have a power source as well. As we all know, everything needs a power source in order to generate power. The same is the case with robots. They need a power source that will provide power to their whole body. The commonly used power source is the battery. The battery is used to provide energy to the robots in the form of electric current.


Thus, we can say that robots are not easy to design. It doesn’t need only one person to design a robot.  It is because a robot is a very complex machine. A team of different engineers combines to make it. Software engineers deal with its programming, mechanical engineers design its body, and electrical engineers manage the correct circulation of circuits in it.

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Will robots overcome humans?

Yes, it is possible. But scientists are not that fool enough to make them do so. The robots sure are errorless but they work according to their programs. If they aren’t programmed in that way, they will never do this.

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